Grant Career Center and the University of Cincinnati shared a story of success and new possibilities this year when four high school students earned an associate degree from UC while enrolled in the engineering program at Grant Career Center. As reported by Lauren Martin, Assistant Director of College Credit Plus for the University of Cincinnati, these four students are the first in UC history to earn an Associate Degree concurrently with their high school diploma.  


Above: Jacob Weiskittle ( New Richmond High School ) Above Right: Jenna McMullen (Bethel-Tate High School)


Above: Connor Ninichuck (Felicity- Franklin High School)    Above Right:Tate Liming (Felicity- Franklin High School) 

Tate Liming from Felicity- Franklin High School, Jenna McMullen from Bethel-Tate High School, Connor Ninichuck from Felicity- Franklin High School, and Jacob Weiskittle from New Richmond High School entered the program as juniors in high school and began the college coursework for UC Clermont's Manufacturing Engineering Technology (MET) program. The college credits earned counted towards their high school diploma, allowing them to earn an associate degree and a CAD Certificate during their last two years of high school.   

UC Clermont offers the MET Associate Degree program, focusing on the aspects of producing manufactured goods, from design concepts to product delivery, on the campus of Grant Career Center in Bethel, Ohio. Along with the MET Associate Degree program, one-year certificate options are also offered. Working collaboratively, UC and Grant Career Center design pathways and course-load options to meet the needs of interested students. Find more information on the MET program, Grant Career Center programs and Grant Career Center's online application at www.GrantCareer.com.