Alumni Spotlight


"I’m so thankful for my time at Grant where the autonomy was given right away and never taken for granted."

- Cortney Gaffney, Class of 2008, Allied Health


"I couldn't be more thankful for the time that I spent at GCC. My training at Grant allowed me to save money and time compared to a post-graduate cosmetology program. I received wonderful hands on experiences. I have been in the business for over a decade. Grant allowed me to be a step ahead!"

- Taylor Malott, Class of 2010, Cosmetology


"Grant Career Center is a great place to meet new people, make new friends and learn new things you can use in the real world. All the teachers are wonderful and the whole school in all is a great environment to be in."

- Tyree Couch, Class of 2020, Auto Collision


"Attending Grant Career Center was the first step in achieving my dream of becoming an RN. I wouldn’t be the nurse I am today without the foundation I built at GCC. For me, choosing GCC meant paving the way for my brightest future!"

- Allie Graybill, Class of 2016, Allied Health


To have the opportunity to teach where I also attended school, is beyond rewarding! The friendships I made at Grant, as well as the learning opportunities I was given, have greatly impacted the teacher I am today! By doing what you love, you inspire and awaken the hearts of others.

- Amanda Kamphaus-Watson, Class of 2005, Teacher Academy


"There is nothing better than being put into a shop (Co-op) to solve real-world problems."

- Michael Snider, Class of 2018, Automotive Technology


"As a former student, what I loved and continue to love about Grant, are the tools/skills and experiences you obtain from the school. Not only does the staff help set you up for future success, they also treat you like a friend, or even family."

- Addison Lily, Class of 2020, Information Technology


“It was definitely surprising at first, kind of awkward since I came from homeschooling with five siblings. To describe it in two words, it was life changing. It allowed me to grow as a person and compete, to see what I could do when I had the right people behind me! It was all pretty inspiring."

- Blessing Sturm, Class of 2018, Culinary Arts


Choosing Grant Career Center Culinary Arts has been the best decision of my life. It really brought be out of my shell, gave me great friends, and gave me leadership skills. Competing in nationals, I earned a scholarship for tuition at Sullivan University.

- Ethan Phillips, Class of 2017, Culinary Arts


Grant is a great career center that launched me on my path to a successful career!

- Kohle Herron, Class of 2018, Welding Program


"My two years in the Criminal Justice Program at Grant helped me prepare for my career in the United States Marine Corps in a lot of ways. From physical training to being accountable for myself and others. I would recommend going to Grant for anyone who wants to progress faster than their peers."

- Zack Mark, Class of 2017, Criminal Justice


"Grant helped me feel confident in my restraint holds, and that has helped me so much at work."

- Naomi Castletine, Class of 2018, Veterinary Science


“Taking Auto Collision at Grant helped me out a lot in learning the proper steps to take in doing auto body and paint. After graduating, I worked in a body shop for over eight years and it was the best time of my life.Take pride in your work, and treat the car you’re working on like your own."

- Marshall Sherman, Class of 2012

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Student Spotlight


"Grant is fun. The teachers are nice and supportive. Peers are friendly. I am so glad that I came here."

- Kayeden Alexander, Auto Technology


"Last year, I was ready to do more and take my studies further. I decided to join the Engineering program here at Grant. Now, not only do I enjoy school more; but I will also graduate with an Associates Degree in Manufacturing Engineering Technology from UC Clermont"

- Jenna McMullen, Manufacturing Engineering Design, Class of 2022


"All the people at Grant are friendly. It is so easy to make friends here. The lab instructors take the time necessary to master each skill.

- Isaiah Propes, Industrial Academy


"Went from D's and F's to A's and B's. Grant is so much better than other schools. The environment is so much better. The teachers treat you like an adult. "

- Tyler Shouse, Auto Collision


"Allied Health has been an amazing opportunity to meet new people and explore interests."

- Carlee Young , Allied Health


"Grant, despite the size, offers so much to the students. More students should actually apply to attend GCC and take advantage of those opportunities."

- Dylan Black, Auto Collision Senior


"Do something today, that your future self will thank you for later!"

- Cameryn Maddy, Allied Health Senior


"They spoil us like kids (ice cream float), but treat us like adults".

- Tristan Meece, Auto Collison Senior


Allied Health has given me a great experience to explore new things and have so much fun!

- Hailey DeAtley, Allied Health


"Grant is all about being yourself."

- Caleb Woodall, IA Welding, Class of 2021


"I love it here. All the teachers are so nice here. Grant makes learning fun."

- Sage Silvis, Veterinary Science

Parent Testimonials

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"My son really loves going to Grant, couldn't have made a better decision. Career Technical Education schools are highly overlooked!"

- Sarah Squire, Parent of Manufacturing Engineering Design, Class of 2022


"I was very skeptical to send my daughter to Grant. I wanted my daughter to choose college, but not only did she graduate with her cosmetology license, she went on to makeup school, and college. She now holds a bachelor's degree and is a wig master at the Denver Performing Arts Center."

- Debbie Mallott, Parent of Cosmetology Student, Class of 2010


"I am a current parent with my 3rd and last child in HS. Hands down he is engaged in his classes, more than ever before in the traditional brick and mortar public education. He likes his teachers, and they are much more responsive to him and parents. I wish my other kids would have gone to Grant."

- Amy Weiskittel, Parent of Manufacturing Engineering Design Student, Class of 2021


Sending Macyn to Grant was the best decision we could have ever made for her future. The staff and administration have given her the tools to have success not only in high school, but in life. We will be forever grateful to GCC for helping her learn to love school again!"

- Jen Hall, Parent of Early Childhood Education Student, Class of 2021


My son is a completely different student than he was a year ago. I don't have to argue with him about school. Or homework. Or anything. It's been such a dramatic change in him.

- Keri Pinger, Parent of Industrial Academy Student, Class of 2022


"The tools and resources offered by Grant Career Center has given our son a definite head-start toward his desired career in the health care industry."

- Deborah Salvatore, Parent of Allied Heath Student, Class of 2021


"Grant Career Center has been life changing for our son. Each and every staff member of GCC wants your child to succeed and that is certainly evident the moment you walk into the school. Our son is learning skills that will benefit him his whole life."

- Michelle Fultz, Parent of Industrial Academy Student, Class of 2021

Business Partner Spotlight


" Grant students are great to work with. Polite, professional, and focused."

- Justin Harmon, Lykins Energy Solutions


"Thanks so much! All three ladies have been a pleasure to work with and are honestly some of the best work study students we have had recently! I look forward to watching them continue to improve over the year."

- Sarah Messner, Practice Manager Lifetime Pet Center- New Richmond


"We love training Grant students. They always are a notch above our typical trainee."

- Cort Wayman, JATC Coordinator Sheetmetal workers local 24


" I know that the quality program curriculum has been taught in the classroom and lab, and the students have grown in knowledge and skill. Over the years Valley Interior Systems has hired many of these students. I have every confidence in the ability of Grant Career Center ."

- Justin Taulbee, Valley Interior Systems


"We value the opportunity to partner with staff and students of the programs of Grant and congratulate them on continued improvement that serves our community. I know that the quality program/curriculum has been taught in the classroom and lab, and the students have grown in knowledge and skill."

- Craig Lauman, Messer Construction Craftforce Coordinator


"The Christ College has loved connecting with Grant’s Allied Health program now for many years. The instructors do a fantastic job and are incredibly engaged in helping their students prepare for next steps in the healthcare field after high school graduation."

- Kendal Schwab Director; Admissions & Recruitment