Updated 5/5/2022 

The last 3 days for our Culinary Arts Students has been a roller coaster of emotions for our students at the FCCLA Ohio State Competition. We're happy to see students competing at regional and state levels again after a the move to virtual competitions for the last 2 years due to COVID.  This is the second year in a row that the Culinary Arts Program at Grant Career Center has advanced all of its regional competitors to the state competition. This year, FCCLA introduced three new events in which students had never competed in before! For the Culinary Arts' students, this is a significant accomplishment. They have put in a lot of effort over the last four months to prepare. While the results will not be available until May 4th, two students have received gold ratings! 



In Food Innovations, Desiree Hall and Morgan Crosby had to develop a meal kit with advanced culinary abilities and a 720 mg sodium limit. The girls wowed me with their inventiveness in creating a vegan-friendly, long-lasting meal kit inspired by Asian cuisine!

Savannah Allen participated in Nutrition & Health, in which she analyzed and created a nutrition and wellness plan for a single person.

Josh Lewis competed in Job Interview, a competition in which he created a portfolio and was interviewed live during the competition.

Grace Powers competed in Culinary Math Management, giving an oral presentation about a culinary math concept. She completed a culinary math test and a culinary math case study during the competition. (Gold came in third place)

Abby Bingamon competed in Entrepreneurship, developing a business plan for a gluten and dairy-free coffee and sweets food truck. (Gold takes first place)

Nationals will be held for the top two FCCLA state contestants who gain gold with qualifying scores. This year's Nationals will be held in San Diego, California!

Final Results 

Savannah Allen earned silver in Nutrition & Wellness

Josh Lewis earned silver in Job Interview

Morgan Crosby & Desiree Hall earned silver in Food Innovations


Grace Powers earned gold and 3rd place in Culinary Math Management

Abby Bingamon earned gold and 1st place in Entrepreneurship and is a National qualifier who will be competing in San Diego, CA at the end of June!