Grant Career Center hosted 6th and 7th grade girls and boys last week for their annual Guys and Gears and Girls in Goggles programs.  Grant Career Center hosted 435 6th/7th grade guys and 470 6th/7th grade Girls over the last week.  The program was originally designed for 6th grade students.  Due to the pandemic last year's program was canceled.  Grant Career Center and our affiliate schools felt that these programs were very important to students and their career exploration, so we offered these programs to both 6th graders and 7th graders this year. Guys and Gears and Girls and Goggles are programs focused on removing misconceptions about stereotypes and gender roles in the workplace.  Both programs offered students experiences in all 13 programs offered here at Grant Career Center.  

 However, Guys were given the opportunity to experience programs that may not generally be sought out by males, such as Culinary, Cosmetology, and Nursing. Girls were given the opportunity to learn about programs that may not generally have high enrollments of women: Auto Technology, Auto Collision, Carpentry, and Welding.  Grant Career Center's ultimate goal is to help students find their passion in their future career, no matter what it may be.  



Some activities that students participated in were learning how to use a hammer and a handsaw.  In Information Technology, students learned how to program drones, create a simple website, and build a computer. Students visiting Auto Technology were taught how to change their oil and tire on a car. Allied Health students were taught how to perform CPR and experienced tremor simulator. Welding students learned how to MIG weld and how to use a cutting torch. In Large Animal Science, students were able to ride a horse and visit with the newborn foal. Students who visited  Small Animal Science program taught students how to perform CPR on a dog. These are just a few examples of the many stations that were set up in each lab for students to experience. 

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