Exciting things are happening in the Information Technology program at Grant Career Center. Hunter Moore (Bethel-Tate), Logan Lambert (Bethel-Tate), and Conner Ball (New Richmond) were selected to participate in the PG TECH JUMPSTART PROGRAM (POWERED BY INTERalliance) and a 10 week (about 2 and a half months) Summer Internship Program. Matthew Stall (Williamsburg) and Alex Acree (Williamsburg) were also selected for Summer Internship Program. 

“Very excited for the students accepted into the P&G Internships.  This will be a great opportunity for them to learn and gain valuable experience in information technology. We are looking forward to partnering and working with P&G in the future.”  -Brandon Hoeppner, Information Technology 

Picture Left to Right – Logan Lambert, Alex Acree, Hunter Moore, and Conner Ball. Not Pictured Matthew Stall

Starting in February, P&G is offering a completely virtual, 10-week training program consisting of a mixture of live presenters and online courses. Students will gain experience working in the corporate world, exploring IT professions, and STEM-specific subject training.  

 "Programs like the new PG Tech Jumpstart Program and PG Tech are important because they help expose young students to careers in STEM fields that they might not otherwise pursue. This opens their eyes to the possibilities that careers in STEM can provide. At the same time, companies like P&G get the benefit of working with diverse, young talent who bring unique perspective." -Melissa HinsonFeehan, P&G IT Director 

 The program begins in February and continues through April. Selected students will meet P&G STEM Professionals who teach them valuable skills to help with schoolwork and future education/employment choices. At the end of the ten weeks, students will have the opportunity to show us what they have learned with the chance to continue to our full-time 10-week summer program, where they will work on real-life STEM projects as part of a team. 

 At the end of the ten weeks, students will have the opportunity to utilize their new skills by continuing to a full-time 10-week INTERalliance Summer Internship where they will work on real-life STEM projects as part of a team.  

In partnership with High Schools, local Universities, and some of the largest employers in our region, the INTERalliance builds experiences to inform the students what technical career opportunities exist and help prepare them to become Cincinnati's Future Technology Leaders. To learn more about INTERalliance, visit

“P&G and INTERalliance are thrilled to be providing this unique opportunity to 30 high school students across the Greater Cincinnati area. With no prior experience necessary, this program gives students the extra support and guidance needed to help them reach new heights in their future careers in tech. This opportunity will give students the chance to put themselves out there and learn a variety of skills directly from professionals in the field.”  – Sam Bach, INTERalliance Associate Director 

 Grant Career Center is hosting an Open House on  2/23/2022 from 4:30-7:30 pm  for students and families who are interested in learning more about Grant Career Center.  For more information about Grant Career Center, visit