The Kentucky Derby

Matt Isbell, Senior Culinary Arts and Hospitality student at Grant Career Center (Associate School: New Richmond High School), is currently at Churchill Downs preparing to feed thousands this weekend at the Kentucky Derby. Matt has been on work placement every Friday since his Junior year at Maysville College (Kentucky), cooking under Chef Zemba in The College Cafe. 

 Photo: Matt prepping food at the Kentucky Derby

Chef Zemba and his Culinary Arts Program at Maysville College intern with Levy Restaurants at the Kentucky Derby each year. Chef Zemba invited Matt to join his program at the Kentucky Derby this week to help with food preparation to feed the thousands of people who attend the Derby.

Photo: Matt working in the Grant Culinary Lab.

“While the photos shared may not look like much, it speaks volumes about Matt’s character and hard work he has put in to being the only high school student invited to help prepare food for the Kentucky Derby! We are so proud of him!” - Chef Cash, Grant Career Center Culinary Arts Instructor.

Update - 4/302021

Matt waiting on the 4am shuttle.

Today, Matt was moved from the main kitchen to a satellite with 2 others, because the supervising chef wanted them. Big kudos! - Chef Zemba