This student’s prior knowledge from F.F.A. most defiantly gave him a jump start in Large Animal Science but the passion in the equine industry captured his interest the most.Being on his grandfather’s farm, gave Elijah the understanding that work ethic was essential to success in agriculture. His Freshman and Sophomore academic grades were not great. He would admit that he was not a very good student but that has changed since his passion for Large Animals is tied into his academic day. He now thrives in his academic classes and lab! Let me introduce you to Large Animal Science Senior, Elijah Bowling.

Mr. Dorsey: Elijah tell me about the first time you visited Grant Career Center.

Elijah: I visited Grant Career Center in 8th grade.

Mr. Dorsey: What programs did you visit in 8th grade?

Elijah: I visited Metal Fabrication, Construction Technology and Auto Technology.

Mr. Dorsey: So, you didn’t even visit this program?

Elijah: No.

Mr. Dorsey: So how did you find yourself in this program?

Elijah:I was planning to visit Grant in 10th grade, but we went out of town for Thanksgiving visiting family. Since I didn’t get to visit, I took a leap of faith. I was told I could change programs or go back to my homeschool after the first two weeks.

Mr. Dorsey: Where did your interest in Large Animals come from?

Elijah: The first time I visited in 8thgrade, I didn’t realize that Grant even had this program. I started to get more into breaking in horses in high school, so this program was a perfect fit for me.

Mr. Dorsey: What do you think of Grant as a whole?

Elijah:I think Grant is a Great place!

Mr. Dorsey: What was your first impressions of your lab, and the barn?

Elijah: It is a really nice place. I did visit an open house, right after I was accepted to the program my Sophomore year.

Mr. Dorsey: What did your parents think about your choice to attend Grant Career Center?

Elijah: My mom supported me attending Grant. My brother went here, my mom and my aunt and uncles went to Grant too.

Mr. Dorsey: Tell me about your early placement job?

Elijah: I leave here in the morning and go to Bethel Feed to work. It has been a really great experience.

Mr. Dorsey: Can you tell me a few things that you learned at Bethel Feed?

Elijah: I bag feed for customers, I mix different feeds to a different percentage. I had learned about that in our class, but to actually do it and mix it. I learned about the different types of proteins that can be mixed into the feed.

Mr. Dorsey: How are your academic teachers?

Elijah: We have some great teachers. Mrs. Lathery is really nice, Mrs. Kamphaus is nice, but she will crack down on ya if I get behind, but she really knows what she is doing. She helps me a lot, and I really like the Financial Algebra class, because the topics we are covering are things as I get older, I need to know these things. Right now, we are learning about taxes and 401ks.

Mr. Dorsey: What would you tell students who just aren't sure if they want to attend the career center?

Elijah: At least give Grant a shot because it has helped me. At my homeschool, they don’t have Work Based Learning. My grades have improved immensely since I began attending Grant. The teachers really take the time to make sure that I understand what we are learning. At Felicity, they have really great teachers, but I just wasn’t getting it. The staff at Grant, just has a different relationship with their students.

Mr. Dorsey: Has your ownership of your education changed since you have arrived here?

Elijah: Yea, I mean I had to get good grades, so I could go on work-based learning.

Dorsey: What do you like about your program instructor?

Elijah: Mr. McDaniel would give you the shirt off his back if that would help you succeed. He does get on me if I mess up, he will let me know. It’s a good thing, I learn from my mistakes.

“Elijah capitalized his junior year, passing not only his two junior state exams, but also both of his senior exams the later part of the year. This opened numerous doors for Elijah coming into his Sr year. Graduation requirements were fulfilled early into the year allowing him to spend a large portion of his morning hours in lab working on his capstone project, directed towards farrier science. (horseshoeing). He perfected his skills in the forge to the degree of manufacturing horseshoes from bar stock. With the understanding of pathology, Elijah realized that anatomy and physiology of the horse’s foot and leg was highly necessary in perfecting the trade. As he continues developing his skills, he also is completing two academic classes before finishing his day at Bethel Feed in his job placement portion of the Large Animal Science Program.” -Shawn McDaniel's, Large Animal Science Instructor.

Mr. Dorsey: What’s your plan for life after Grant Career Center?

Elijah: I am planning to attend Farrier school.

Mr. Dorsey: What’s a Farrier? What do they do?

Elijah: We do a lot with the horses' feet/hooves. We do trimming, putting shoes on, but a different role than a black smith.

Mr. Dorsey: What Farrier schools are you looking at?

Elijah: Right now, I am looking at Heartland Farrier School. You know I can’t stay at home forever. 

Mr. Dorsey: How do you feel about your experience here at Grant.

Elijah: I love everything about this place. The students, the staff, the classes.

Mr. Dorsey: Did you participate is a CTSO this year?

Elijah: I have been in FFA since 9th grade. This is the first year I participated in Grants. I participated in the equine judging team. We ended up winning 11th in the overall state qualifiers. 10th Place moved on to state. I also shoed my hours at the fair and placed first in my first class ever. FFA has helped me a lot. Between Felicity's FFA and Grants FFA I have learned a ton of skills that I will take with me in life.

Mr. Dorsey: Elijah, we’re glad that you chose Grant and what an opportunity you’ve been given! I, personally, am proud of you and am excited to watch you accomplish your goals! 




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