It was just a few years ago that Wyatt Carey had his first tour of Grant Career Center. Wyatt was a sophomore with good grades from New Richmond High School. “On my first visit here, it just felt like it was the right fit,” Wyatt said. Wyatt’s biggest decision was which program to choose. His interests were in Auto Tech, Auto Collision, and Metal Fabrication. Wyatt eventually selected Auto Technology as his program, saying, “I knew a lot about cars when I came to Grant, but I have learned a lot from my instructor.”

Wyatt is a student who is on early placement, which means he works instead of coming to school several days a week, he is placed with Teasdale Fenton Carpet and Restoration Company as a Mechanic. “I had the opportunity to travel to Texas with Teasdale Fenton to help with the cleanup from devastating flooding to be their onsite mechanic in case of any unforeseen mechanical issues. Early placement gave me the opportunity to see how the world really is during a real devastation… that experience has had a huge impact on me. On Placement, you learn a lot more, hands-on, real life, real situation stuff. When you send something out the door fixed in a real life work situation, it’s a great feeling,” Wyatt said.

“Wyatt is a great student! He is responsible, motivated, willing to learn, kind, and exhibits self-control. Wyatt will be very successful in his future endeavors.”
- Jason Akers, AYES/NATEF Automotive Technology Instructor

Upon starting his junior year, Wyatt embraced the culture at Grant, saying, “I have actually talked to kids about Grant Career Center, I like the atmosphere, what we learn, and how this school is… Grant Career Center teachers care; the school gives students more freedom, but has rules which makes me more myself. I am more confident now. Here at Grant teachers try to develop a relationship with you. They treat us like adults.”

"Wyatt is a hard working and determined student that always strives to do his best. He has a positive attitude and is always respectful." - Kristie Kamphaus, Math Instructor 

Wyatt, who is an athlete at New Richmond, went on to discuss his experience with balancing sports with career tech, saying “Attending Grant Career Center has never got in the way of playing sports.” Wyatt still plays baseball for New Richmond High School. He still has a ton of great friends from New Richmond that he enjoys seeing and hanging out with on the weekend and attends school events like football and basketball games. This, however, has not stopped him from forming new relationships with his peers at Grant, as he says, “I have made new friends at Grant Career Center. It took about two days, and I found a solid group of friends.”

“I just knew that college probably wasn’t, in my career path when I applied to Grant Career Center, but I had great grades all through school,” Wyatt said. Ironically, Wyatt is now looking at attending a two-year technical college to major in diesel mechanics.




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