Hailey Sandker





Hailey Sandker had some decisions to make by the end of her sophomore year. Her mom moved to the Eastgate area towards the end of her sophomore year, and her dad lives in Bethel. So, at the end of the school year she would have to start in a new school district - Bethel or West Clermont. She was also confronted with the option of attending Grant Career Center. She had major decisions to make as to who she would live with, what school she would attend, what program to choose, and could she still play sports? This is Hailey’s story…

Mr. Dorsey: Were you always a “girly-girl”?

Hailey: Uh No. Not at all! My aunt is a hair stylist, and she has always done my hair. I can be a girly-girl but, I wasn’t. When it came to getting my hair done, nails and facials, I was into that stuff, but that was not me all the time. My Aunt has done my hair since I was little. I remember thinking to myself, “I would like to do this when I am older.” I love to see the change you can do with people’s hair and how it changes them. My aunt had mentioned Grant to me my freshman year when I asked her about being a cosmetologist.

Mr. Dorsey: What is your first memory of Grant Career Center.

Hailey: I remember sophomore days, because that’s when I made my final decision to come to Grant Career Center for cosmetology.

Mr. Dorsey: What were you thinking about doing before you came to Grant Career Center?

Hailey: I didn’t even really think about coming to Grant before that. I had heard of it, and I had an interest in cosmetology, but once I came here it was finial. This is what I want to do.

Mr. Dorsey: So what did you like about that day?

Hailey: It was the salon type atmosphere and graduating with your licenses. I thought I would really liked Grant from talking with all the teachers here, and they talked about how it is a family-type atmosphere.

Mr. Dorsey: What did you mom think about Grant?

Hailey: My mom loves it now. She was kind of iffy on me coming here at first, and she wasn’t sure if it was the right move. I was like, “This is really what I want to do, let me go.” My grades are so much better now. My mom is like, “This is different; this is new.” Mom is so glad that I am more involved in school at Grant Career Center. It was going to be a fresh start no matter what, and I feel this was the best change for me and my attitude. I have changed as a student, too. I feel I have gotten more out of high school in these last two years than ever!

I was just a kid just getting by at my home school. I have really good relationships with all my teachers here at Grant. Which is just a different experience for me than I was used to. Mr. Oliver, we give each other tough love. Mr. Lytle and Ms. Foster…well the teacher’s just care here. I have a great relationship with all of my teachers. I was a student who didn’t push myself. This is serious, I am going to graduate, and this is real-world stuff. Grant Career Center has changed my whole outlook on school and life.

I interned at the Valenti Salon this summer and completed my 150 hours that are required. I want to be a stylist there. I love working there; right now, I am an assistant, I clean and do laundry, but that’s how everyone starts. Valenti has showed interest in me once I earn my cosmetology license.

Hailey is one of a kind. She is passionate, self motivated, creative and shows leadership not only in the classroom but in representing Grant Career Center. - Janelle Baudendistel, Cosmetology Instructor 

Mr. Dorsey: What would you tell students that have an interest in Cosmetology?

Hailey: Give Grant Cosmo a few weeks in the beginning, as you are overloaded, learning so many things, seven different perms. Once all that is out of the way, there is so much more to cosmetology than I actually thought there was; I love it. There are so many benefits for you. You only get out of it what you put in… that is a fact!

Mr. Dorsey: Tell me about Mrs. Baudendistel, your cosmetology instructor.

Hailey: I am very close to Mrs. B., but she will not put up with slack…what-so-ever. She wants the best for us. She will do whatever she can to benefit us the most.

Mr. Dorsey: Can you tell me about playing sports?

Hailey: It’s a bit crazy juggling school, sports, and work. I learned how to hustle off the court and to work being sweaty and nasty and make it to my job and look presentable. This month we have practice every day except for the holiday. Since my junior year, I played basketball with a whole new group of girls at Bethel, so that has been really fun. We are really close. I also played volleyball for Bethel last year. I have another whole new group of friends. Our basketball team lost in the district finals last year, the whole team has returned this season. We are looking forward to finishing what we started.

Mr. Dorsey: What could Grant Career Center improve on?

Hailey: Honestly, I don’t know… I love this school.

For Hailey, it seems a fresh start at Grant Career Center is what she needed. She is earning good grades, has found new friends, and a career path she is passionate about. 




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