Grant Career Center's National Technical Honor Society Induction Ceremony was held on March 9, 2023. The ceremony was held in Grant Career Center’s cafeteria, which was filled with family members and friends of inductees. The first speaker was Mike Parry, Superintendent of Grant Career Center. Mr. Parry began his speech by thanking everyone for attending and went on to thank the parents and students for choosing and trusting Grant Career Center with educating their students.

Grant Career Center inducted 34 students into The Elizabeth Abbott Chapter of the National Technical Honor Society. This year’s inductees include students from 12 different programs: Allied Health, Automotive Collision, Cosmetology, Construction Technology, Culinary Arts, Criminal Justice, Early Childhood Education, Information Technology, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Metal Fabrication, Large Animal Science, and Veterinary Science. The inductees were selected by a committee of faculty members based on academic requirements, attendance, leadership, and character. The ceremony also included a presentation of what the students have accomplished, with quotes from their instructors at Grant Career Center.

"To me, Austin Sipple is the personification of brilliance. In the

lab, in the classroom, and as a person he continually exceeds

expectations and sets the example. I am eternally blessed to

have been able to be his teacher.”

Mr. Brian Carter, Math

“Through all of the years working with Trent Grigsby, he never

stops impressing me. His ability to navigate through

adversity and search for constant growth puts him in a

league of his own. I could not be more proud of who he is

as an athlete, student, and most importantly a person.”

-Mr. Brian Carter, Math

“Lauren Ratliff is a very driven and passionate young woman.

She is doing awesome at HealthSource and has

received a ton of exceptional feedback from her


-Mrs. Amy Moe and Mrs. Richelle Baker, Allied Health

“Kaleb Barnhart is very intelligent and a quiet leader. He succeeds

at what is expected of him without complaint or

Disruption. In addition, Kaleb is a loyal and good friend

who helps people out any way he can without

expectation of recognition.”

-Ms. Emily Cadwallader, US Gov.

“The care and compassion Taylor Jowers shows

every pet in her care is absolutely

amazing. When animals are with her, they

are the luckiest pet in the world!”

-Mrs. Katie Kline, Veterinary Science

This was Grant Career Center's Largest Induction Ceremony in school history. The evening was followed up with a reception and photos with friends and family in the school Gallery. The ceremony was a time for the new students to reflect on their accomplishments and for faculty and staff to celebrate with them. The event included remarks from Mr. Barry Daulton, Principal, Mr. Phil Heflin, Director of Student Services, and NTHS Members Logan Crutchfield, Desiree Hall, Louisa Mitchell, and Xavier Vanchure.

Grant Career Center Inductees


Garrett Adams-WF*

Taylor Jowers-VS#

Gracie Baum-AH#

Trane Light-CT#

Ethan Collett-AC^

Coleman Neeley-AH*

Tyson Cox-CT*

Shai Patchell-COS#

Samantha Crellin-LAS#

Lauren Ratliff-AH*

Hunter Darnell-CT*

Wyatt Richards-CA+

Tanner Denton-CT%

Caleb Saunders-WF#

Jacob DePoy-CT*

Audrey Verdin-CT#

Alexander Welch-IT%

Riley Wooten-ECE#


Kaleb Barnhart-IA+

Isabella Poe-LAS+

Joe Brueggemann-IA^

Lillian Puckett-LAS@

Nolan Darnell-IA*

Emma Shannon-AH*

William Duhaime-ED*

Jacob Sheppard-CJ#

Trent Grigsby-CT*

Austin Sipple-IA+

Haley Johnson-ECE*

Cameron Snider-ED*

Emma Mullen-AH#

Ariana Vanchure-COS*

Jake Winter-IA^

2023 NTHS Inductees

Associate School Key




New Richmond=#