Senior Recognition and Awards Ceremony

Grant Career Center proudly recognizes the 127 seniors who completed their career training requirements and earned their career and technical certificates from the Career Center.  The students received their diplomas from their home high schools of Bethel-Tate, Felicity-Franklin, New Richmond, or Williamsburg.

The Senior Recognition and Awards Ceremony was held at the Bethel-Tate High School on Thursday, May 15, 2014.  Students, parents, guests, and Career Center staff celebrated the academic achievements of the students as they completed the secondary phase of their education.  Students received their Career and Technical Education Certificates and Career Passports in the ceremony that concluded their training at Grant.

Honored as Valedictorian at the Career Center was Sarah Holman, an Allied Health Science student from Williamsburg High School. Honored as the Salutatorian was Cosmetology student Alexandra Nissel, from Bethel-Tate High School.

Students named as Outstanding Senior in each of their respective programs were Sarah Holman, Allied Health Science; Gage Skillman, Auto Collision; Jonathan Frost, Automotive Service Technology; Christine Myers, Biotechnology; Justin Moeller, Carpentry; Chelsea Arnold, Cooperative Education; Alexandra Nissel, Cosmetology; Amber Morgan, Culinary Careers; Chelsea Emery, Engineering Design; Rose Steel, Horticulture; Karey Herrin, Medical Information Tech; Jesse Miles, Metal Fabrication; and Lindsey Smith, The Teacher Academy.

Other awards presented during the Ceremony included the James Lumpkins Award for a student pursuing a career in the Military Service, received this year by Zachary Campbell, Carpentry. Brandon Pollock, also a Carpentry student, was the recipient of the Gary Caseltine Memorial Award, an award presented by Teresa Caseltine in memory of her husband, to a student who is entering the Marines. Other scholarship awards included three Success Grants presented to Karey Herrin, Medical Information Tech, Coty Thompson and Jonathan Frost, Automotive Service Technology.

A $500 scholarship developed by the Grant Career Center staff, and designated as The Grant Faculty and Staff Award, was presented to five outstanding seniors: Courtney Hauck, Cooperative Education; Lindsey Smith, The Teacher Academy; Sarah Holman, Jodi Seale, and Marissa Walls, Allied Health Science.

English Awards were presented by Gerald Bierly, Brad Jackson, Kathy Newman, and Jen Pfeffer to the following seniors: Chelsea Arnold, Tyler Boggs, Thomas Boldman, Cassidy Bowling, Zachary Campbell, Meagan Crawford, Tyler Frazee, Garrett Freeman, Joshua Gilbert, Christopher Hance, Courtney Hauck, Jadon Henry, Karey Herrin, Jesse  Miles (2), Tristan Murphy, Alexandra Nissel (2), Miranda Noble, Gian Reyman, Michael Roberts, Rose Steel (2), Jeffery Stevens, Coty Thompson (2), and Pearce Williford.

Social Studies Awards were presented by Ron Dunn, John Swarthout and Steve Olivieri to Zachary Campbell, Mariah Canter, Meagan Crawford, Jesse Miles, Tristan Murphy, Alexandra Nissel, Marissa Planck, Zackary Puckett, Rose Steel, Coty Thompson, and Samuel Tremper.

Science Awards were presented by Kevin Miller and Nancy Weis to the following students: Trenton English, Garrett Freeman, Karey Herrin, Sarah Holman, Jessica Marsh, Jesse Miles, Alexandra Nissel, Marissa Planck, Brandon Pollock, and Rose Steel.

Math Awards were presented by Earl Bradley and Marty Patrick to Jacob Abbott, Chelsea Arnold, Cassidy Bowling, Meagan Crawford, Jadon Henry, Jessica Marsh, Jesse Miles, Amber Morgan, Tristan Murphy (2), Alexandra Nissel (2), Marissa Planck (2), and Rose Steel (2).

Students recognized for Perfect Attendance included: Chelsea Arnold, Shelby Boggs*, Meagan Crawford, Peyton Davis, Tyler Frazee, Alyssa Hallahan, Jadon Henry*, Sarah Holman, Christina Ludwick*, Demitri Marlow, Jessica Marsh, Joseph Martin, Jesse Miles, Tristan Murphy, Alexandra Nissel*, Megan Noe*, Marissa Planck*, Caley Pringle, Gian  Reyman, Jodi Seale*, Logan Shinkle, Lindsey Smith, Tyler Stevens, Coty Thompson, Dakota Sicurella, Marissa Walls, Anna Weigand, and Pearce Williford*.  Students with an asterisk (*) had Perfect Attendance for both years at Grant Career Center. Two students, Jodi Seale and Pearce Williford, were recognized for having Perfect Attendance for their entire 13 school years!

The following students completed the requirements of their career training curriculum and were presented with their Certificates of Completion from Superintendent Lisa Tuttle-Huff: 

Allied Health Science:
  Brook Marie Arwine, Shelby Lynn Boggs, Mariah Renné Canter, Brookelyn Harley Corbin, Peyton Justine Davis, Kaitlyn Ann Demaris, Sarah Elizabeth Holman, Christina Dawn Ludwick, Megan Elizabeth Noe, Melissa Ann Radcliff, Jodi Patricia Seale, Dakota Danielle Sicurella, Ashley Nicole Skinner, Marissa Dawn Walls, Kimberly Dawn Wilson.

Auto Collision:
Ibrahim Abdullah, Thomas L. Boldman, Garrett L. Freeman, Daniel Shane Fry, Jadon Henry, Zackary Puckett, Jason Gage Skillman, Michael Steven Verdin, Jr., Clayton William Welch.

Automotive Service Technology:
  Tyler B. Case, Tyler J. Frazee, Jonathan Frost, Jessica N. Marsh, Gian W. Reyman, Jeffery Stevens, Coty Thompson, Roger D. Thornberry, Jr., Pearce Williford.

  Kennadie Robin Cox, Lauren Leah-Elizabeth Jandes, Tanya Marie Lee, Christine Myers.

Jacob Allen Abbott, Tyler James Boggs, Asa R. Bowman, Isaiah Austin Bradford, Zachary S. Campbell, John Bruce Crase, Christopher J. Hance, Cody M. Johnson, Justin Ray Moeller, Brandon Wayne Pollock, Brady Allen Williams.

Cooperative Education:
  Chelsea N. Arnold, Cassidy E. Bowling, Kelsey E. Burnett, Caitlin Caldwell, Meagan R. Crawford, Trenton English, Cody Harris, Courtney N. Hauck, Cody Van Minnie, Branden R. Nooe, Jacey Pierson, Michael Roberts, A.J. Signorelli IV, Tiffany Weems, Destiny Ziggas.

Selena Marie Hernandez, McKayla Paige Macko, Alexandra Ryan Nissel, Dakota Cheyenne Gail Pitzer, Randi Nicole Powers, Autumn Kay Seal, Caitlin Isabella Senters.

Culinary Careers:
Cheryll Lynne Appelmann, Heather DeRose, Jacob Hurst, Demitri Allen Marlow, Amber Nicolle Morgan, Erik Anthony Morgan, Marissa Paige Planck, Sierra Laschele Weesner, Jadon Scott West.

Engineering Design:
Taylor Victoria Carpenter, Chelsea Mariah Ann Emery, Joseph Allen Martin, Dillon Kirk Utter.

Zachary Dunn, Kaitlyn Rae Jean House, Miranda Courtney Desireè Noble, José Noland, Rose Arielle Steel.

Medical Information Tech:
  Carley Addison, Cassidy Ann Alsept, Kelsey Blank, Tara Bradley, Cynthia Durham, Kourtney Frazier, Clara Hedrick, Karey Marie Herrin, Bobbi Kattine, Ericka Lumpkins, Tristan Murphy, Cheyenne Planck, Emily Proffitt, Destiny Smith.

Metal Fabrication:
  Antonio Davis, Corey Forsee, Joshua Gilbert, Isaiah Kennedy, Braylin Knipp, Jesse Miles, Tyler Stevens, Samuel Tremper, Scott Wagoner, Austin Watson.

The Teacher Academy:
Emily Barcheski, Noah Chaney, Alyssa Rae Courts, Branston Evans, Ashley C. Gettes, Alyssa L. Hallahan, Kelsey Kirschner, Emily N. Merz, Caley L. Pringle, Sage A Da’hi Reedy, Joe Renn, Chris Sammons, Logan William Shinkle, Lindsey N. Smith, Anna Marie Weigand.


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