Business Professionals of America Members "Uncover Their Magic" at Region 13 Competition

The Grant Career Center chapter of the Business Professionals of America proved that they were ready to “Uncover Their Magic” in 2012-2013 as they did their best to make their way to this spring’s epic adventure to the national leadership conference in Orlando, Florida. Twenty-six students started their journey by winning 42 competitive event medals in District 13 Regional Competition at Grant Career Center.

Twelve students earned the privilege to represent Grant Career Center at the State Competition in Columbus on March 14 and 15, 2013. Regional winners competing at state level competition are denoted with an *:

Keyboarding  Production- 1st place –Carley Addison* (New Richmond), 3rd place – Destiny Smith (Williamsburg), 4th place – Karey Herrin (New Richmond); 5th place – Kelsey Blank (Felicity-Franklin), 6th place – Cindy Durham (New Richmond); Fundamental Word Processing – 2nd place – Karey Herrin* (New Richmond), 3rd place – Kourtney Frazier (New Richmond), 5th place – Tara Bradley (Bethel-Tate); Banking and Finance – 5th place - Alex Lilly (Bethel-Tate);
Advanced Word Processing - 2nd place – Brianna Jackson* (Bethel-Tate);  Advanced Office Systems and Procedures – 1st place – Mariah Norris* (New Richmond), 2nd place – Ciara Mills* (New Richmond); Interview Skills – 2nd place – Tara Bradley* (Bethel-Tate), 3rd place – Tiffany Weems (Bethel-Tate), 4th place – Emily Proffitt (Bethel-Tate); Advanced Interview Skills – 3rd place – Miranda Hardin (New Richmond);

Basic Office Systems and Procedures – 1st place – Kayla Taulbee* (New Richmond), 5th  place – Kelsey Blank (Felicity-Franklin), 6th place – Tristan Murphy (New Richmond); Medical Office Procedures - 1st place – Lexi Kattine* (New Richmond), 2nd  place – Mariah Norris (New Richmond), 3rd place – Kayla Taulbee (New Richmond), 4th place – Destiny Smith*(Williamsburg), 5th place – Kendall Murphy (Bethel-Tate), 6th place – Janie Blum (New Richmond);  Payroll Accounting – 2nd place – Nikki Brittain* (New Richmond), 4th place – Phyllis Hammock (Bethel-Tate), 6th place -  Carley Addison (New Richmond);

Administrative Support Concepts -5th place – Tristan Murphy (New Richmond); Financial Math and Analysis – 2nd place – Austin Caldwell  (Williamsburg), 4th place – Phyllis Hammock (Bethel-Tate);  Business Meetings Management Concepts –4th place – Alex Lilly (Bethel-Tate), 5th place – Lizzy Peace (Felicity-Franklin); Insurance Concepts – 2nd place – Brianna Jackson (Bethel-Tate), 4th place – Ciera Preston (Felicity-Franklin), 6th place – Miranda Hardin (New Richmond);
Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications- 5th place – Austin Caldwell (Williamsburg), 6th place – Phyllis Hammock (Bethel-Tate); Fundamental Word Processing– 2nd place – Tristan Murphy* (New Richmond), 4th place – Shawnta Sweet (Bethel-Tate); Database Applications – 1st place – Ciara Mills (New Richmond), 2nd place – Samantha Clayton* (Bethel-Tate).

The Grant Career Center Chapter of Business Professionals of America is the youth organization for the business programs at the Career Center including Business and Finance and Medical Information Tech. Region 13 comprises schools in Adams, Brown, Clermont, Highland and Fayette Counties, and the Forest Hills School District in Hamilton County.  The students are taught at Grant Career Center by Jana Adams, Linda Back and Shelia Farrell.

Business Professionals of America is a national organization for any student preparing for careers in business and information technology.  Its mission is to contribute to the preparation of a world-class work force through the advancement of leadership, citizenship, academic, and technological skills.

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