Grant Career Center High School Application Timeline

 Grant Career Center Application Timeline

November 23, 2016- Applications are available on Grant Career Center’s website and in Grant’s course offering handbook for the 2017-18 school year.

January 31, 2017- Priority deadline for applications for the 2017-18 school year.
Applications will continue to be accepted. A folder will be made for each applicant in Student Services. An excel file will be created to track each applicant. To be shared weekly with home school counselors.

February 1, 2017- Grant counselor will run applicant transcripts and review for acceptance.

February, 2017- Application Verification meetings begin at home schools.

April 3, 2017- Acceptance letters are mailed. Weekly updates sent to home schools of students accepted.

      a. Acceptance letter

      b. Conditional letter; you must improve grades/attendance, final acceptance determined by end of year transcript.

      c. Denial letter; student currently does not meet requirements for acceptance.

April/May- IEP planning meetings

June 2017- Final transcripts will be printed, counselor will review and make final decision for students who did not meet criteria and send denial letter. An additional acceptance letter will not be sent to students. Only those students not meeting credit/attendance requirement will be mailed a letter.

      a. Final acceptance letter mailed with orientation information.

      b. Denial letter; student did not improve grades and/or attendance.

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