Mock Crash was a Success!

With the excitement of proms fast approaching, it's all too easy to forget the harsh realities that can come from just one bad decision. On Thursday, April 12, 2018, Grant Career High School students witnessed the real-life consequences of driving while impaired through the cooperation of the Bethel Police & Fire Department, UC AirCare, the Ohio State Patrol, Grant Instructor, Deputy Doug Flamm, as well as our makeup artists, student volunteers, and administration.

The event was produced as a safety project by four Allied Health students:  Bri Behymer, Emma Doane, Hannah Byrd, and Kelsey Williams, who portrayed the actors. Staged from start to finish, the scenario demonstrated the stark reality of driving while under the influence. This project, entitled “Be Alert...Accidents Hurt,” will be presented at the upcoming SkillsUSA competition. 

A message from the Allied Health students who participated:  “We would like to thank everyone for attending our mock crash. We hope you realize the consequences of driving while impaired, not wearing your seat belt, or being distracted by texting. In 2016, an average of 6 people per day in Ohio died, or were seriously injured in crashes where someone was not wearing a seatbelt. In a survey of a portion of Grant Students, 18% reported not wearing their seat belt, 30% to texting while driving, and 26% of students were in a wreck that was their fault. We hope these statistics and today sent a powerful message.”  Kudos to these students for their hard work and efforts!

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