Social Studies

American Government CP (1 credit)

American Government is the study of the nature and functions of government: federal, state, and local. The various units of government are surveyed followed with a consideration of their present organization and functions. This course also examines the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government while incorporating additional units on the history, functions and organization of political parties, and their influence on government.

Current World Issues CP (0.5 credit)

Current World Issues provides students with the opportunity to explore the major issues of the contemporary world. The historical bases of issues will be examined to gain greater understanding. Students will develop research skills using the most current information available via news programming, newspapers, news magazines and the Internet. Course content will vary depending upon current issues.

Economics CP (0.5 credit)

This course explores the fundamentals that guide individuals and nations as they make choices about how to use limited resources to satisfy their wants. More specifically, it examines the ability of individuals to use knowledge and skills to manage limited financial resources effectively for a lifetime of financial security. This course will make real-world connections so that students can learn to plan and manage their finances through general banking, investing, wise use of credit, budgeting, and insurance that will enable students to live a financially successful life.

Psychology CP (0.5 credit)

This psychology course is designed to introduce students to the scientific study of the thoughts, feeling and behaviors of human beings. Through readings, simulations, and research students are exposed to the psychological facts, principles and phenomena associated with each of the major subfields within psychology. Topics can include biology and behavior, nature vs. nurture, motivation, emotion and stress, human growth and development, personality, and thinking and language.

Sociology CP (0.5 credit)

Prerequisite: Psychology
In Sociology, students will examine basic sociological concepts and analyze the effect of culture and society’s institutions on group behavior. The study of racial and ethnic relations and an appreciation for cultural diversity will be emphasized. Students will be given the opportunity to explore and research various contemporary social issues.