Anatomy and Physiology CP (1 credit)

Prerequisite: Biology I with a “C” or higher
This course will develop a knowledge base for students in health care, firefighting, criminal justice and cosmetology; although, all students with an interest in how our bodies work are encouraged to take this course. Microscope, and dissection skills will also be developed.

Chemistry CP (1 credit)

Prerequisites: Physical science and Algebra I
Chemistry is a laboratory-based course designed to help students gain knowledge of matter while developing problem solving, analysis, and critical thinking skills. Topics of study include safety, measurement, atomic structure, bonding theory, organization of the periodic table, chemical names and formulas, chemical reactions, acid and base theory, gas laws, properties of solutions, organic chemistry, etc. Students will apply mathematical skills throughout this course. Students will be expected to calculate mathematical equations and interpret data.

Engineering Physics (1 credit)

Prerequisites: Algebra II
Engineering physics covers the same topics as the Physics course with an additional emphasis on the applications in a variety of engineering fields.

Environmental Biology (1 credit)

This course examines our environment using problem-solving and student activities. Students are involved in a study of ecological factors and explore how human activities affect our natural environment. Students investigate current environmental issues such as pollution, population growth and the effects of biotechnology on the environment.

Forensics (1 credit)

This course is a laboratory-based course involving the application of scientific principles and techniques which are used when solving crimes. Emphasis is placed on the following skills: logical and critical thinking, problem solving and decision-making, self-discipline, teamwork and ability to meet deadlines. The course illuminates the science behind forensic principles in the areas of biology, anatomy, chemistry, zoology, botany and environmental sciences. Forensic science encompasses many science disciplines as well as mathematics.

Physics CP (1 credit)

Prerequisites: Algebra II
Physics is the study of matter and energy, how they interact, and the mathematical relationships between them. Specific topics include Kinematics- the study of the motion of objects in one-dimensional and two-dimensional spaces (including vectors), Newton’s Laws of Motion, Conservation of Energy, Conservation of Momentum, Rotational Kinematics, heat, waves, sound, optics, electricity, and magnetism. Inquiry based laboratory experiments are used to build the problem solving ability of students. Mathematical skills are strengthened through the application of math in physics. Physics is strongly recommended for any student interested in attending college. A scientific calculator is required.

Zoology (1 credit)

Prerequisites: Biology I with a “C” or higher
Zoology is an introduction to the study of animals. Basic principles of animal science, including anatomy, physiology, taxonomy, genetics and dissection, will be covered. Comparative anatomy will be a focus of this course.