Algebra II (1 credit)

Prerequisite: Students must have successfully completed Algebra I and Geometry; teacher recommendation.

This course is designed to meet the graduation requirement of all students in the high school. This course expands upon the concepts of Algebra I and Geometry with an emphasis placed upon problem solving. Topics include: systems, quadratics, and operations involving polynomials, radicals, and rationals, as well as exponential functions and probability and statistics. Students will use real world applications to make connections between life situations and algebraic concepts. Graphing calculators (TI-84 Plus Silver Edition) are used in this course.

Algebra II Advanced (1 credit)

Prerequisite: Algebra I and Geometry or equivalent with a minimum grade of “B”; teacher recommendation.

This course teaches the same content as Algebra 2, but at a faster pace. An emphasis placed on problem solving and development of advanced reasoning skills. The curriculum is challenging and requires much diligence from the student in order to achieve success. Graphing calculators (TI-84 Plus Silver Edition) are used in this course.

Algebra III (1 credit)

Prerequisite: Algebra II or teacher recommendation.

The Algebra III course is a continuation of the Foundations in Algebra II course. The course will begin with a review of polynomial and rational functions with an emphasis on graphing. Other topics include Probability and Statistics, Logarithms and Exponentials, and if time permits graphing Trigonometric functions and sequences and series.

Calculus (1 credit)

Prerequisite: Pre-Calculus; teacher recommendation.

Calculus will prepare you to take a college Calculus course. In this class, students will explore calculus of a single variable. Topics from the course will include limits, derivatives, application of derivatives, integration techniques, applications of integration, volume and area of rotated surfaces, and first order differential equations. The TI-84 graphing calculator will be used as a supplement to the course.

Trades and Industry Math (1 credit)

This course is designed for program-specific (AT, AC, CT, MF) students who need to strengthen their math skills with algebra and geometry using real-world applications. Students will solve practical problems that they will face in their jobs. The course builds from the basics of whole number operations to cover percentages, linear measurement, ratios, and the use of advanced formulas. Students will also work with graphs, scales, and invoices found in the workplace.

Financial Algebra (1 credit)

Prerequisite: Algebra II

This class includes the decision making process, financial aspects of career planning, financial management, income analysis, budgeting techniques, savings and investment strategies in order to meet short and long term goals, evaluation of services offered by financial institutions, manage credit cards and debt, risk analysis, fraud and financial loss. Students will learn work readiness skills to prepare them for career and college.

Pre-Calculus (1 credit)

Prerequisite: Students must have successfully completed Algebra II with a “B” or higher; teacher recommendation.

Pre-calculus is a course, which allows you to explore elements of trigonometry, functions, series and sequences, as well as topics from algebra and geometry. The TI-84+ graphing calculator will be an integral part of this course. Topics will include properties of functions including end behavior and limits, logarithms, polar coordinates, complex numbers, vectors, parametric equations and many topics from Trigonometry.