How will I get to Grant Career Center?

Your associate school provides transportation to and from Grant. You may drive to school provided you obtain the appropriate driving permit from Grant.

If I drive to GCC, is there a fee to park on the school premises?

There is a $10 cost to park your car at Grant. Upon completing the Student application to Drive on School Property, students are issued a parking pass and must abide by the Student Code of Conduct. Driving is a privilege that may be revoked.

Can I still participate in sports, band, and other activities at my homeschool?

Yes. You will have time to return to your homeschool to participate in sports and most other activities.

Will I have opportunities to join clubs or related organizations?

There are many opportunities to become involved with various organizations at Grant. Each program belongs to a Career Technical Student Organization, such as BPA, FCCLA, FFA, FEA, and SkillsUSA. In addition, Grant also has National Technical Honor Society, Student Advisory Council, as well as other opportunities.

If I attend Grant Career Center, can I still go on to college?

Grant Career Center encourages you to continue your education at a post-secondary institution after graduation. Approximately 40% of our graduates pursue post-secondary education. Each career tech program has a college partner that can offer you a great pathway.

How can I get more information about Grant Career Center?

Visit www.grantcareer.com, contact your counselor at your homeschool, the career tech instructor for the program you are interested in or the counselors at Grant.

Do I graduate from Grant Career Center?

You receive your diploma from your associate school. You are awarded a Career Technical certificate and a Career Passport from Grant.