English/Language Arts

English 11 CP (1 credit)

English 11 provides students opportunities to utilize communication skills with emphasis on vocabulary enrichment and grammatical precision. Students will engage in a thorough review of comprehension reading strategies and writing processes. Students will be introduced to literary analysis from an American perspective using various genres and multiple modes of writing. Research documentation and composition will also be introduced.

English 11 Advanced (1 credit)

Prerequisite: Students must have completed English 10 with a grade of B or better.  This course teaches the same content as English 11, but is designed for higher achieving students who plan to further their studies in college. Students will be expected to engage in activities outside of the classroom. Students will engage in literary analysis from an American perspective using various genres and multiple modes of writing. Research documentation and composition will also be emphasized.

English 12 CP

All students will take Technical and Business Writing during the first semester of their senior year and one of the following: Gothic Literature, Sports in Literature, World Literature, or Essential Skills in Reading and Writing.

Technical & Business Writing (0.5 credit)

In this course, students will gain an understanding of how technical writing differs from other types of writing. Students will be able to prepare business correspondence, design documents with graphics, create a résumé, and learn how to write informative, investigative and recommendation reports. Students will gain an understanding of ethics in the workplace. Students will also read business and technical materials as models for their own work. An outcome of this course may include a final portfolio of writing samples that the students may take with him/her to job interviews. In addition, students will finalize their Career Portfolio.

Gothic Literature (0.5 credit)

This course will build on various pieces of essential Gothic literature from both British and American authors that study the "grotesque", deceitful narrator and other horrific traits that make up this bizarre, but frighteningly true literature. Pieces of literature that could be studied include Mary Shelley's Frankenstein or Bram Stroker's Dracula. Other authors include that fall into the Gothic category include Nathaniel Hawthorne, Edgar Allen Poe, Stephen King, or Anne Rice. Students will utilize these pieces of literature in various class discussions, presentations, and writing assignments (analytical, reflective, short-response). All students will be expected to work on these challenging readings, assignments and projects both in and out of class.

Sports in Literature (0.5 credit)

Sports in Literature and Writing is an advanced Language Arts class that will examine the unique relationship between sports and society through literature by contemporary authors, columnists and other media. Reading in the course is selected to be high-interest and thought provoking. Text selections will include nonfiction, fiction, poetry, biographies, and commentary. Writing in this course will include descriptive, personal reaction, and critical writing. Through the examination of literature and writing, students will have a greater awareness of the relationship between sports and contemporary society.

World Literature (0.5 credit)

In this semester course, students will examine classic and contemporary world texts of various levels and genres. Students will engage in responding to literature through various means such as an individualized writing process to advance each student’s writing level, technology-rich multi-media creations and presentations, and projects that foster a global, multi-cultural perspective. Enrichment will focus on the thematic connections of literature to the arts with a focus on literature as it is transformed to film.

Essential Skills in Reading & Writing (0.5 or 1 credit)

Teacher recommendation
This class will focus on strengthening the essential skills of reading and writing in academic and professional environments. Reading selections will include a variety of modern and controversial topics that relates to the world of a college student or an entry-level professional. Class activities will include various presentations, discussions and projects relating to the contemporary and controversial issues discussed in the reading selections. Alternative writing techniques will be introduced in order to reinforce essential writing skills for both the college and professional world.