External Building Use Form

External Building Use Form

Building Use Form Process

1.      Print PDF or RTF version of Building Use Form
2.      Fill in all needed information, including signature of responsible party
3.      Obtain proper liability insurance for building use/print policy for documentation 
4.      Email Application and policy information to Brenton.Guy@grantcareer.com  
5.      Form must be submitted to Brenton Guy no less than 14 days prior to your event. 
6.      You will be contacted as to availability of the building. 
7.      If additional district services are needed, such as culinary, use of barns, etc., contact Brenton Guy at 734-6222 ext. 3228. 

Building Use Fee Structure
Building user shall be responsible for any police and custodial fees at $50 an hour each, with a minimum three hours.  

Download Building Use Form

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