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District Profile / Contact Us


Grant Career Center

School Profile

718 West Plane Street
Bethel, OH 45106

Phone No.:  (513) 734-6222
Fax. No.:       (513) 734-4758 


 Administrative Staff:

Michael Parry, Superintendent 

Patricia Patten, Treasurer

Barry Daulton, Principal

Susan Hakel, Curriculum and Adult Education Director

Leonard Short, Student Development Coordinator 

Kerri Randol, Guidance Counselor 

Matthew Schumann, Director of Technology

Brenton Guy, Director of Facilities 




The School:

The school year is divided into two terms, with each term 18 weeks in length. Half of the students’ day is spent in the academic setting and the other half in a laboratory setting. The career tech programs allow for career choices for students. There are approximately 315 students enrolled in grades 11 and 12. Adult Education offers full and part time classes for adult students.

The Community:

Secondary students are enrolled from four area schools. Each of the following associate schools are represented at US Grant Career Center: Bethel-Tate Local, Felicity-Franklin Local, New Richmond Exempted, and Williamsburg Local. Students come from basically rural and suburban areas to attend our school.  


Secondary Graduation Requirements:

The US Grant CTPD Board of Education requires all students to complete the associate school graduation requirements. In addition, programs at US Grant Career Center combine rigorous academics and technical knowledge to prepare students for higher education and pursuit of a related career in their career tech program. Students will participate in career exploration through lab activities. Students will experience guest speakers, job shadowing, and in some cases, internships. It is believed that in order to attain a broader knowledge of business and industry, all students need to learn the fundamental skills and concepts of the business sector. Students who meet the requirements have the opportunity to participate in the Early Placement Program.  

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